Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted music lessons are a little bit different from traditional music lessons.  Many people (adults and children alike) are passionate about music and want to learn to make music, but lose motivation if they are forced to focus only on scales and theory.  Traditional lessons often focus on classical music, when many people prefer genres such as pop, hip hop, folk, and R&B.


Adapted music lessons can offer clients:

  • Opportunities to play their favourite songs and genres
  • Basic music competence development (i.e. singing/playing in tune, and in time with a beat)
  • A variety of instruments to play.  Who says you should only focus on one?
  • A focus on chord-playing, so that students can start playing songs right away
  • Songwriting skills for those who have always wanted to learn to write their own songs
  • An individualized approach for ANYONE regardless of age, physical/intellectual ability, or musical skill